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Modular content: meaning, strategy and best practices

    Dive deep into modular content. Learn how it is revolutionising marketing asset creation and gain practical advice for modular content implementation in your organisation.



    Unlock the modular content potential of Veeva CRM

    Discover how a modular content approach can be applied to your Veeva Vault solution - making omnichannel engagement far easier and speeding asset time-to-market.


    How to choose the right digital content creation platform

    Gain practical insights on selecting the digital content management (DAM) platform that best meets your organisation's needs and getting most value from the solution.


    How modular content makes you more innovative

    Learn how a modular content approach frees you and your agencies to be more innovative in your HCP engagements by making content creation easier and much faster.

    Case studies


    How to speed approved email time to market

    Learn how Activator enabled a leading pharma company to simplify their approved email content creation process, reduce costs, and work in a more agile way.


    How to increase content go-to-market speed

    Discover how Activator was used by a leading pharma company to speed up their content creation, respond faster to market needs, and be more innovative.

    On-demand webinars


    Maximizing your Veeva CRM Approved Email efforts

    Learn how pharma marketing experts are making approved email central to their omnichannel customer journey strategies.


    Remodel your content strategy with an omnichannel approach

    Hear how pharma companies are speeding marketing asset production by applying content excellence principles.


    How modular thinking might ease digital content overload

    Explore the fundamentals of modular content and how this content 'building clock' approach changes everything.

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