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Easier MLR

Simplify and speed MLR reviews. Activator enables content history to be easily traced, makes approval status clearly visible, removes the unnecessary duplication of work, and helps MLR colleagues to focus their attention just where it’s needed.

Modular content activation

By enabling modular content, Activator further simplifies and speeds the review process. Modular content is approved once but then used multiple times across channels. Uniquely, Activator’s handling of modular content provides MLR with a complete development history of every module.

Use pre-approved modular content
Approval status clarity in Activator

Approval status clarity

An innovative ‘traffic light’ system (green approved, yellow modified and red unapproved) enables MLR to quickly overview the content and focus their attention exactly where it is needed, avoiding the duplication of work.

Complete development history

Activator speeds approvals by providing an instant and complete overview of the review status of all content elements. MLR no longer have to go hunting for information. Everything is right there in Activator, immediately accessible.

Unlocking the potential of modular content in Activator

Webinar: MLR magic

Experts from Novo Nordisk, UCB, Astellas and Anthill explain how new processes and technologies are simplifying and speeding content reviews in pharma — empowering affiliates to respond faster to HCP needs.

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