How to speed Approved Email time to market

Learn how Activator enabled a leading pharma company to simplify their approved email content creation process, reduce costs, and work in a more agile way

Case study

An affiliate of a major European pharmaceutical company wanted to create approved emails in-house to speed up the content process and reduce production costs. Previously, the emails were created by agencies but this was felt to be slow – requiring a lot of agency communication to make even simple changes to the content.

Learn how Activator enabled the affiliate to achieve:

  • 67% of approved email created in-house within a few months

  • Impressive HCP open rate of 65%

  • More efficient, lower-cost process

  • Access to global templates and materials, plus other affiliates' content for adaptation

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“Approved email open rates of 65% were achieved using content created in Activator, double what would normally be expected in pharma.”

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