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Faster content production

Activator removes friction from the whole content creation, approval, and localisation process – which means more content, created faster, and without compromise.

Use pre-approved modular content and templates

Speed content production by using pre-approved templates and ‘modular content’ —immediately accessible right in Activator. Simply insert into the channel that is being built. It just takes seconds.

Use pre-approved modular content

Re-use modules across multiple channels

‘Modular content’ is created once, approved once, and then used in as many channels as you require. This speeds the production of materials by making it easy to re-use core content — enabling you to deliver more content faster than ever before.

No coding or developer experience required

Use Activator’s visual interface to quickly build content for channels like eDetailing and Approved Email and see changes as they happen. No coding or developer experience is required.

No coding required in Activator
View templates with Activator

Create quick briefs for your agency/production partner

Quickly mock-up content in Activator to direct your agencies. Now you can speak their ‘visual language’, better communicate your ideas, and avoid misunderstandings, so fewer revision rounds are required.

Enhanced collaboration tools

Activator makes it easy to comment on content by adding clearly visible notes. It's even possible to 'tag' people to indicate responsibilities or enable them to share their expertise on specific topics.

Streamlined localisation - translate templates
Version control in Activator via Veeva Vault

Version control

Activator automatically keeps track of changes to content. This helps speed MLR by making material easier to review — and ensures that you, your affiliates, and their agencies are always working with the latest approved content. No confusion, no hassles, just clarity.

How to increase content
go-to-market speed

Discover how Activator is used by a leading pharma company to speed up their content creation, respond faster to market needs, and be more innovative

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