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Streamlined localisation

Speed content localisation throughout your entire organisation. Activator makes it easy to track content adaption and translation across markets and provides localisation tools that simplify and clarify the process for affiliates.

Quickly compare local and global content

Activator provides a ‘side-by-side’ view, enabling people to see the global master content and the localisation simultaneously on screen. This allows reviewers to easily and quickly compare content. Now, rather than dealing with multiple documents, everything is right there in Activator — presented in clear visual way.

Quickly compare content in Activator
Side by side translation in Activator

Side-by-side translation review

Activator’s ‘side-by-side’ view enables you to see both the original ‘master’ text and the translation simultaneously on screen. This facilitates faster content reviews and simplifies the translation processes — providing a useful comparison of text lengths, which change significantly across languages.

Industry standard formats

Activator enables easy import and export of Excel, CSV and XLIFF file types which are industry standard for translation. Therefore, no disruption is made to agency practices while you and your affiliates benefit from Activator’s improved localisation oversight and collaboration tools.

Industry standard formats CSV XCL XLIF
Use pre-approved modular content

Modular content

By using Activator’s modular content abilities, you enable affiliates to produce more content in less time. The ability to reuse pre-approved content greatly simplifies localisation and empowers local markets to quickly create materials. It also reduces MLR workload resulting in faster content time-to-market.

Simplify localisation

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