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How Novo Nordisk Ensures ROI from Content Authoring

In the ever-changing world of life sciences, the ability of pharmaceutical companies to support healthcare stakeholders according to their unique needs is a key competitive advantage. To fulfill this requirement, fast, flexible, and scalable content production is essential.

Novo Nordisk, a renowned multinational pharmaceutical company dedicated to fighting diabetes, obesity, and other chronic diseases, realized the need for a partner who could merge technology with a deep understanding of their industry. That's when Anthill, a leader in the life sciences digital space, stepped in with its expertise and innovative approach.

Alejandra Betancourt, Global Director of Digital Platforms and Services at Novo Nordisk, outlines the value of working with Anthill. "The biggest benefit of working with Anthill is the combination of their deep-rooted technology and their long history of agency expertise in the life sciences digital space. And that combination makes magic"

Novo Nordisk's collaboration with Anthill initially revolved around a pressing challenge: the need to control content production efficiently

Before joining forces with Anthill, Novo Nordisk struggled to manage the rapid content creation process and lacked insights into crucial data. Taking ownership of the entire content lifecycle became a top priority, leading them to search for the right content authoring solution that ties in with Veeva Vault.

That's where Anthill's Activator came in as the perfect fit for Novo Nordisk. Activator enables Novo Nordisk to successfully streamline content creation, briefing all rep-triggered email, eDetailers and websites. One of the key differentiators that sets Activator apart from other content authoring tools in the market is its seamless integration into Veeva Vault, which holds immense importance for Novo Nordisk.

What sets Activator apart from competitors is its seamless integration into Veeva Vault, which holds immense importance for Novo Nordisk. Alejandra Betancourt explains "The big difference with Activator with the other competitors in the market, is that it's fully integrated into Veeva Vault. That integration for us is very important, because ultimately what this is enable us is to get really good content insights. So if it's not tied to Veeva, it means nothing to us."

Anthill Activator is a Veeva Technology Partne

The collaboration with Anthill produces tangible results for Novo Nordisk

According to Betancourt "The return of investment in working with Anthill is tangible. Last year we had a cost avoidance of 11 million euros. I cannot even calculate the amount of time it had saved the organization to use the product, Activator." Additionally, Novo Nordisk experiences significant time savings, enabling them to allocate resources more efficiently. The Activator platform plays a pivotal role in achieving these impressive outcomes.

Anthill Activator is a Veeva Technology Partne

For Novo Nordisk, teaming up with Anthill has been the right decision

Anthill's content authoring tool, Activator, and their pharma industry expertise empowers Novo Nordisk to take charge of their content lifecycle and gain valuable insights about their content’s performance. This collaboration not only helps solve the concrete pain points but also enhances efficiency, resulting in substantial cost savings and improved resource allocation.

Betancourt concludes "Partnering with Anthill was definitely the right decision for our team.

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