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Activator customer story

How Grünenthal benefits from a
modular content approach

Learn how Grünenthal transformed their content creation process with Activator, Anthill’s content authoring tool. Hear directly from Mubasher Hassan, Global Head of Content Management at Grünenthal, about their success story and the significant impact Activator has had on content production efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall content excellence

Transforming Content Creation

Grünenthal, a leading pharmaceutical company specializing in pain management, faced challenges in traditional content creation models. Mubasher Hassan, from Grünenthal, notes, "Prior to Activator, we were agency-dependent, causing delays and increased costs." Activator's drag-and-drop functionality transformed content creation, empowering brand managers to tailor content efficiently for their customers – healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Seamless Integration with Veeva Vault

Activator's integration with Veeva Vault PromoMats was a essential for Grünenthal. Mubasher Hassan highlights, "Activator works seamlessly with Veeva, offering an integrated way of content creation." This integration streamlines the process, eliminating the need for separate logins and ensuring a cohesive environment for efficient content development.

Anthill Activator is a Veeva Technology Partne

Achieving Cost Efficiency and Modular Content

Mr. Hassan emphasizes Activator's role in achieving cost-effective content creation, stating, "Activator is the key tool, allowing agile content creation at a fraction of the previous cost." The combination of Activator and modular content through Veeva Vault PromoMats has proven instrumental in delivering tailored, pre-approved content blocks, enhancing overall content excellence.

Anthill Activator is a Veeva Technology Partne

Impressive Results and Future Growth

The adoption of Activator at Grünenthal has led to remarkable results. Mr. Hassan proudly shares, "We now have an ROI of 32% with Activator, and its usage has surged to 40% of all content created." The improved content creation approval process, boasting a 25% increase in speed, sets the stage for continued success. Mubasher emphasizes, "Activator's potential is limitless, expanding from e-details to websites, mass emails, and beyond. The possibilities with Activator are what I like the most."

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