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Supercharge your content supply chain

Activator is a digital content management platform that’s fully integrated with Veeva Vault. Activator removes friction from the whole marketing supply chain – resulting in more content, created faster, and without compromise.

Modern content management

Activator reinforces what’s great about Veeva Vault – your content safety – and then removes friction. If you choose to connect to Vault with Activator, everything goes faster.

Unlocking the potential of modular content

Speed and simplify MLR approvals. Provide pre-approved ‘modular content’ for re-use across channels. Access this content right in Activator and simply insert into the channel that you are creating. It just takes a few seconds. Nothing could be easier.

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Unlocking the potential of modular content in ActivatorSpeed and simplify MLR approvals
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How Activator speeds pharma marketing content

Learn how Activator integrates with Veeva Vault to speed content management in pharma.

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Efficiency brings speed

By fully-activating your Veeva Vault, and enabling modern content management practices, Activator makes the pharma marketing supply chain efficient — enabling you to deliver more content in less time.

Activator visual interface

Faster content production

Activator’s visual interface makes it easy to create and update content for key channels like eDetailing and Approved Email. Now it just takes seconds to insert content elements, rearrange on screen, make copy edits, and alert MLR for required approvals

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Easier MLR

Activator enables content history to be easily traced, makes approval status always clearly visible, removes the unnecessary duplication of work, and helps MLR colleagues to focus their attention just where it’s needed.

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Modular content in Activator via Veeva vaultEasier MLR in Activator
Streamlined localisation - translate templatesSky background

Streamlined localisation

Activator makes it easy to track content adaption and translation across markets and provides localisation tools that simplify and clarify the process for affiliates.

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Value from Veeva Vault

Activator keeps your content safe in Veeva Vault while making everything easier to overview, search, adapt, re-use and share. Get the full value from all your creative investments.

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Design system with Activator

Frequently Asked Questions

How integrated is Activator with Veeva Vault?


Activator is deeply integrated with Vault. Activator connects securely to your Veeva Vault, which remains the ‘single source of truth’ – all content begins and ends its lifecycle in Vault. Everything remains secure in Vault.

How do I implement Activator in my organisation?


As a cloud-based solution, Activator can be quickly implemented across your organisation. Implementation is further eased with industry-standard user interface design and 'single sign-on' enabling people to use their standard credentials.

Which channels can I build with Activator?


You can create content for eDetailing, Approved Email and social media. Brand website creation will be launched soon too.

How does Activator work with modular content?


Access this pre-approved content right in Activator and simply insert into the channel that you are creating. Uniquely, Activator’s handling of modular content provides MLR with a complete development history of every module.

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