Content management just got smarter.

Activator is a digital content management platform that’s fully integrated with your Veeva Vault

Everything becomes easier.

Activator is a digital content management platform – completely integrated with your Veeva Vault. It reduces costs, empowers your teams to create, and speeds time-to-market of always on-brand content. Because Activator makes everything easier, you really can make a bigger impact – effortlessly.

Veeva Promomats

Create final content directly in Promomats, no additional steps and no external systems.


Veeva Modular Content

Import and link your Modular Content directly to your layouts for easier approvals.

Modular Content

Veeva Approved Emails

Create and translate email templates and fragments with an intuitive layout editor.

Approved Emails
Speed up time to market

Faster content creation.

Activator removes friction from the whole content creation and localization process – which means more content, created faster, and without compromise.

  • A real-time, responsive Content Creation tool that can be integrated with existing Veeva Vaults

  • Effortlessly create content targeting all your digital channels - in one place

  • Easy adaptation of Detailing slides, Veeva Approved Emails and Websites for local requirements

  • Seamless integration with Translation Agency processes

Localisation in pharma made easy with Activator
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Get more for less

Full value from your budgets.

Activator removes duplication of work throughout the production process, simplifies everything, empowers people to create, and frees your agencies to focus on truly creative work.

  • Reduce need for expensive design resources

  • Publish often at a lower cost

  • Reduce costs of agency production with agencies using the same standards

  • Easy and cost-effective for local markets to adapt global content

Modular content

Unlocking the potential of modular content.

Simplify and speed up MLR approvals. Provide pre-approved ‘modular content’ for re-use across channels. Access this content right in Activator and simply insert into the channel that you are creating. It just takes a few seconds. Nothing could be easier.

  • MLR colleagues have a full overview of approval status and content history for each content module

  • Pre-approval of core content avoids the duplication of MLR work and speeds time-to-market

  • Activator makes it easy to preview, import and insert modular content when building channels

Activator's layout element placed on the top of abstract image
Activator's UI elements are placed on the top of abstract image
Get it right the first time

Brand consistency made easy.

Activator empowers marketing and brand teams to create with confidence – with the knowledge that everything that they produce will always be on-message and on-brand.

  • Allow users to quickly create and update on-brand content with no design experience required

  • Activator ensures that you are always using the latest approved media from Promomats

Build teams and brands

A place to collaborate.

Activator enables true collaboration, providing an environment in which brand teams and agencies work together to create, localize and deliver content to market – faster and safer than ever.

  • Share instantly and work seamlessly as a team

  • View changes as they happen

  • Integrates directly to any Veeva workflow with one channel for approval processes

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Design your content process

Built-in flexibility.

Activator matches your organisation now and in the future. Want to handle more content tasks in-house? Activator makes it simple. Want to enable agencies to deliver more? That’s easier too.

  • No proprietary requirements or formats to lock you in

  • Everything is saved as easy-to-read open web formats

  • Activator Core delivers a framework to support your processes, best practices and technical requirements

  • Uncover entirely new workflows with deep integrations to Veeva Modular Content


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“It makes it easy to localise content – improving internal collaboration and powering a much faster response to local market demands.”

Head of Multichannel


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