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Anthill achieves Veeva Silver Certification –  
Enhancing Pharma’s Content Capabilities

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Company update

We’re excited to announce that we've obtained Veeva Silver Certification for Activator. This certification underscores the deep integration of Activator with Veeva Vault/Promomats and reflects Anthill's commitment to supporting pharmaceutical clients optimize their investments in Veeva and their content supply chain.  

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“This is a major milestone that documents our close ties with Veeva both as a partner and as an extension of pharma’s content eco-system centered around Veeva Vault.”

- Christian Dam, Chief Executive Officer, Anthill

Christian Dam Anthill

The Significance of Veeva’s Silver Certification

The Silver Certification is an acknowledgement of the seamless synergy and deep-level integration between Activator and Veeva Vault/Promomats. This achievement is a result of collaborative efforts with the Veeva product team, highlighting Anthill's dedication to meeting the rigorous standards set by Veeva.

Enhancing Content Efficiencies in Pharma

Already adopted by industry leaders such as Astellas, Grünenthal, and Novo Nordisk, Activator addresses content production inefficiencies and promotes a modular content approach. Its integration with Veeva Vault ensures optimal support for creating, localizing, re-using, and measuring content performance in Veeva Vault/Promomats.  

Activator helps pharma get more from their Veeva investments. The benefits include:

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Anthill Activator is a Veeva Technology Partne

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