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Value from Veeva Vault

Activator keeps your content safe in Veeva Vault while making everything easier to overview, search, adapt, re-use and share. Now you can get the full value from all your creative investments.

Content safe in Vault

Activator connects to Vault through an API. This means that your content never leaves Vault — everything remains securely in place for its entire lifecycle. But now, with Activator, your content becomes easier to overview and editable.

Content safe in veeva vault with Activator
Content visibility in Activator

Content visibility

By connecting to Vault through an API, Activator provides a full overview of all your available content. Everything becomes clearly visible. And Activator enables you and your creative partners to quickly make updates — without the content ever leaving Vault.

“The big difference with Activator with the other competitors in the market, is that it’s fully integrated into Veeva Vault.”

Alejandra Betancourt

Global Director of Digital Platforms and Services · Novo Nordisk

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Best-in-class content creation tools

Activator makes your Vault marketing content more dynamic and editable. Now it becomes easy to create and update content for key channels like eDetailing and Approved Email. With Activator, it just takes seconds to insert content elements, rearrange on screen, make copy edits, and alert MLR for required approvals.

Activator visual interface
Better agency collaboration in Activator

Better agency collaboration

Because your content never leaves Veeva Vault, you never need to worry about keeping track of materials saved in multiple places and in different systems. Activator ensures that everything is always secure yet accessible, so it can be continually re-used and repurposed — ensuring that you get the full value from your content.

Enhancing collaboration

The content visibility that Activator provides makes it more accessible. Now all content gets seen and is more easily shared. This unlocks its full value, enabling great ideas from HQ and affiliates to quickly spread across your organisation — so your very best content reaches more customers faster than ever before.

Enhancing collaboration

Activate your Veeva Vault

Discover how a modular content approach can be applied to your Veeva Vault — making omnichannel engagement far easier and speeding asset time-to-market.

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