Unlock the modular content potential of Veeva CRM

Discover how a modular content approach can be applied to your Veeva Vault — making omnichannel engagement far easier and speeding asset time-to-market


Modular content enables pharma companies to rethink their content supply chain. Instead of repeating the whole production process every time a new asset is required — masters, global MLR, localisation, local MLR — modular content enables a far more efficient way of working. By connecting to Veeva Vault through an API, Activator ensures that everything is always secure yet accessible, so it can be continually re-used and repurposed.

Learn how Activator enables you to:

  • Quickly build assets like eDetailers, approved email and social media content

  • See the approval status and content history for each content module

  • Have a common platform for everyone at each stage of the content supply chain

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“Modular content enables you to achieve more with your existing budgets.”

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